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2021-09-08 Sofian BrabezAdd samsung galaxy a21s device master origin/HEAD origin/master
2021-09-08 Sofian BrabezUpdate the cpuinfo parsing to handle different implemen...
2021-03-10 Sofian BrabezAdd Android 10 and 11 and following style(9)
2021-01-04 Sofian BrabezAdd MIT LICENSE for the project
2021-01-04 Sofian BrabezAdd huawei y series device
2020-06-21 Sofian BrabezAdd htc magic device
2020-06-21 Sofian BrabezDefine nitems() to count container size
2020-06-21 Sofian BrabezModel name is more appropriate than Model number
2020-06-21 Sofian BrabezDetect and display the android version name
2020-06-21 Sofian BrabezReport CPU in output
2020-06-21 Sofian BrabezAdd nexus 6 device
2020-06-21 Sofian BrabezAdd output section on devices
2020-06-21 Sofian BrabezInitial commit