]> sbz's 6dev Repos - ctfdump/.git/shortlog
2017-10-16 Sofian BrabezAdd dump statistics options (-S) [incomplete] freebsd origin/freebsd
2017-10-16 Sofian BrabezAlpha reorder of the headers
2017-10-16 Sofian BrabezReduce output differences with Sun's ctfdump
2017-10-16 Sofian BrabezParameter file... is mandatory, update usage and manpag...
2017-10-16 Sofian BrabezCall usage when no arguments are supplied
2017-10-16 Sofian BrabezMacro nitems is already defined into sys/param.h
2017-10-16 Sofian BrabezMake it compile using inttypes.h
2017-10-16 Sofian BrabezAdd compatibility header for FreeBSD
2016-11-12 Sofian BrabezFix parent label member typo when dumping ctf header
2016-11-11 Martin PieuchotFix an unsigned cast madness.
2016-11-11 Martin PieuchotDump types before the string table to match ctftools...
2016-11-11 Martin PieuchotReduce output differences with ctftool's ctfdump(1).
2016-11-11 Martin PieuchotInitialize offset correctly when dumping types.
2016-11-11 Martin PieuchotMissing new line.
2016-11-10 Martin PieuchotEnsure that the file is bigger than an ELF header.
2016-11-10 Martin PieuchotUse <sys/ctf.h> now that we have it
2016-09-18 Martin PieuchotMerge pull request #3 from jasperla/ELF_CTF
2016-09-17 Jasper Lievisse... SUNW_CTF is defined in exec_elf.h now as ELF_CTF
2016-09-15 Martin PieuchotMerge pull request #2 from jasperla/inflail
2016-09-14 Jasper Lievisse... if inflate() fails, free the stream instead of leaking it
2016-09-04 Martin PieuchotDisplay the correct id and function name with partial...
2016-09-02 Martin PieuchotMerge pull request #1 from jasperla/master
2016-09-02 Jasper Lievisse... Make DUMP_FUNCTION and DUMP_OBJECT closer to illumos...
2016-04-12 Martin Pieuchotsync with readdwarf(1)
2016-03-27 Martin PieuchotUse ctf_off2name() when dumping the string table
2016-03-27 Martin PieuchotReduce output differences with illumos
2016-03-27 Martin PieuchotMove ELF functions into elf.c
2016-03-18 Martin PieuchotDump the content of STRUCT, ENUM and the encoding,...
2016-03-18 Martin PieuchotAdd missing declaration
2016-03-16 Martin PieuchotSkip the header in the non compressed case too.
2016-03-16 Martin PieuchotDo not complain when dumping a raw CTF file
2016-03-16 Martin PieuchotDump everything by default
2016-03-16 Martin PieuchotPrevent a warning when printing ELF offset on a 32bit...
2016-03-16 Martin PieuchotSimple manual and sync usage() with reality.
2016-03-16 Martin PieuchotAlmost complete type dump
2016-03-16 Martin PieuchotDump string table if "-s" is given
2016-03-16 Martin PieuchotDump function with "-f"
2016-03-16 Martin PieuchotDump object with "-d"
2016-03-16 Martin PieuchotDump label when "-l" is given.
2016-03-16 Martin PieuchotISC licensed ctfdump(1)