Add const and unsigned when it make sense and use size_t. Also use -Wall
[elfdbg/.git] / elfdbg.c
2021-06-12 Sofian BrabezAdd const and unsigned when it make sense and use size_... master origin/HEAD origin/master
2021-05-28 Sofian BrabezAdd SPDX identifier
2021-02-16 Sofian BrabezEnsure ELF string table is not NULL
2020-06-01 Sofian BrabezRename function elf_debug() to elf_debug_count()
2020-06-01 Sofian BrabezRe-indent using clang-format
2020-06-01 Sofian BrabezAdd arguments flag -q for quiet mode and -v for verbose...
2020-06-01 Sofian BrabezError handling when argument file is not ELF object...
2020-05-19 Sofian BrabezRewrite ELF parsing from scratch w/o dependency of...
2020-04-17 Sofian BrabezAdd usage and avoid execution when there is no argument
2015-01-20 Sofian BrabezFormat elfdbg source code using clang-format
2015-01-20 Sofian BrabezInitial commit