2021-03-28 Sofian BrabezUpdate vagrant box version + add reduce timeout master origin/HEAD origin/master
2021-02-28 Sofian BrabezFix creation of irssi dot config
2021-02-27 Sofian BrabezAdd more package and ensure pkg pick the right python...
2021-02-26 Sofian BrabezUpdate previous dedidcated online server target by...
2021-03-05 Sofian Brabezremove pkg_exclude filter
2021-02-23 Sofian Brabezadd new configuration in loader.conf and rc.conf templates
2020-11-23 Sofian Brabezadd new package, ensure python3 and update spec tests
2020-11-20 Sofian Brabezupdate readme with specs testing
2020-11-20 Sofian Brabezbump vagrant box version and ensure pytest is installed
2020-07-14 Sofian BrabezAdd irssi trackbar plugin
2020-03-27 Sofian BrabezAdd watch, mtr and update others packages
2019-09-26 Sofian Brabezadd jq and python-bugzilla
2019-08-02 Sofian Brabezadd user ssh config settings
2019-01-31 Sofian BrabezDo not manage sources if the ssh agent is not loaded...
2019-01-28 Sofian Brabezphp-arcanist is using php56 which was EOL'ed. Use php73
2019-01-25 Sofian Brabezadd vifm package
2018-11-17 Sofian Brabezupdate readme
2018-11-18 Sofian Brabezupdate readme
2018-11-16 Sofian Brabezupdate readme
2018-11-01 Sofian Brabezno need sudo to retrieve facts
2018-11-01 Sofian Brabezuse variables for network interface in rc.conf generation
2018-10-27 Sofian Brabezadd CPU microcode updates
2018-10-26 Sofian Brabezadd template for rc.conf
2018-10-25 Sofian Brabezprepare rc.conf templates
2018-10-24 Sofian Brabezmodule to report cpu cores temperature is coretemp...
2018-10-21 Sofian Brabezadd tests for laptop playbook using testinfra
2018-10-21 Sofian Brabezupdate the laptop playbooks with config and use become...
2018-10-20 Sofian Brabezadd more packages
2018-10-20 Sofian Brabezbump FreeBSD vagrant box version
2018-10-20 Sofian Brabezadd laptop and server playbooks support
2018-10-19 Sofian Brabezadd vagrant file
2018-10-19 Sofian Brabezuse package generic action to install freebsd packages
2018-10-19 Sofian Brabezadd dotfiles task
2018-10-19 Sofian Brabezdoc: add requirements into README
2017-09-18 Sofian BrabezInitial commit