]> sbz's 6dev Repos - freebsd-maintainer-scripts/.git/shortlog
2021-03-12 Sofian BrabezPrepare upcoming port/package skeleton
2021-03-04 Sofian Brabezadd check-distfile script to report distfiles issues...
2021-02-22 Sofian BrabezAdd license
2020-12-29 Sofian Brabezmotd: rewrite sysctl_get function for better python...
2019-11-02 Sofian Brabezgetprs: Fix the following error using python3
2019-08-02 Sofian Brabezgetprs: update with new version using https://github...
2019-04-28 Sofian Brabezadd motd generator script
2018-11-29 Sofian Brabezadd .py suffix to the Python scripts
2018-11-24 Sofian Brabezsss: display the date in the svn status line
2018-11-11 Sofian Brabezadd sysctl-missing-desc into readme
2018-10-21 Sofian Brabezvimport: set the tab limit to 100 and filter dupplicate
2018-10-21 Sofian Brabezadd python script to detect missing sysctl descriptions
2018-10-21 Sofian Brabezsss: force to use python3 and clean unused variables
2018-05-21 Sofian Brabezgetpatch: avoid to download obsolete attachments
2018-02-01 Sofian Brabezsss: add revision in line output for usage when reading...
2018-02-01 Sofian Brabezadd sss into readme
2017-11-04 Sofian Brabezadd sss script to add context information in svn up...
2017-09-26 Sofian Brabezftabs: add repology link
2016-10-22 Sofian Brabezgensrc: handle argument count when printing usage
2016-06-15 Sofian Brabezupdate readme
2016-06-15 Sofian Brabezadd ftabs script which allow me to open freebsd related...
2016-06-12 Sofian Brabezgetpatch: update code with bsd-like errors code, %...
2016-04-13 Sofian Brabezadd sysctl configuration to remove every debugging...
2016-04-13 Sofian Brabezadd gensrc csh script in order to generate src.conf...
2016-04-13 Sofian Brabezpoudriere-runner: update jails release versions
2015-06-03 Sofian Brabezgetpatch: code cleanup and pep8 fixes
2015-06-03 Sofian Brabezgetpatch: use ssl context for ssl endpoints
2015-05-27 Sofian Brabezimport freebsd scripts from misc/freebsd repository