2013-03-11 christophe... Merge pull request #17 from bkerensa/master master origin/HEAD origin/master
2013-03-10 Benjamin KerensaAdd self to contributor list
2013-03-10 Benjamin KerensaCorrect spelling in some strings
2012-08-28 Tristan CACQUERAYMerge pull request #14 from octplane/master
2012-08-28 Tristan CACQUERAYMerge pull request #13 from octplane/patch-1
2012-08-23 Pierre BailletPublic key usage example
2012-08-23 Pierre BailletBe more permissive at parameter passing from python...
2012-08-23 Pierre BailletFix example
2012-08-22 Pierre BailletFixed dependency on libssh2 in README
2012-08-02 Tristan CACQUERAYfix remaining old version numbers
2012-07-10 Tristan CACQUERAYbump 1.0.3, add support for non blocking mode
2012-07-10 Tristan CACQUERAYMerge pull request #10 from aaloksood/master
2012-07-05 Aalok Sood1. Added support for Non blocking mode in session start...
2012-06-04 Tristan CACQUERAYMerge pull request #9 from cvss/master
2012-05-26 Cyril Vecheraadded read_stderr binding
2012-05-23 TristanCfix incorrect error message
2012-05-23 Tristan CACQUERAYMerge pull request #8 from Morian/master
2012-05-13 Romain Bezutfix errors in non blocking mode
2012-04-27 TristanCBump 1.0.2, add support for ssh-agent authentication
2011-07-22 Sofian Brabezbuff should be return here and not hash 1.0.1
2011-07-22 Sofian Brabezadd wodny as a contributor
2011-07-22 Sofian Brabezcloses #4 truncate hash to an appropriate length
2011-07-22 Sofian Brabezcloses #3 fix session_methods method
2011-07-22 Sofian Brabezremove unused import
2011-07-22 Sofian Brabezupdate manifest file
2011-07-22 Sofian Brabezupdate ChangeLog
2011-07-22 Sofian Brabezcorrect docstring
2011-07-22 Sofian Brabezprepare tag 1.0.1
2011-07-22 Sofian Brabezdifferentiate authors and contributors
2011-07-22 sbzMerge pull request #5 from ohe/master
2011-07-11 Olivier HervieuBump Version to 1.1.0
2011-07-11 Olivier HervieuAdd new authors, fix typos in README
2011-07-11 Olivier HervieuRemove MY_BEGIN_ALLOW_THREAD macro and replace it with...
2011-07-11 Olivier HervieuModifies examples (in regard of recent modifications)
2011-07-11 Olivier HervieuAdd a new message if an error occurs in userauth_list...
2011-07-11 Olivier HervieuAdd test class
2011-07-11 Olivier HervieuAdd missing return
2011-07-11 Olivier HervieuVarious improvement in channel handling.
2011-07-11 Olivier HervieuAdd support for keyboard interactive autentication
2011-04-18 Sofian Brabezfix compilation issues on osx
2010-06-02 Sofian Brabezexample usage fill with the name of the file
2010-06-02 Sofian Brabezadd .gitignore
2010-06-02 Sofian Brabezalways return NULL after PyErr_SetString to raise an...
2010-06-02 Sofian Brabezlibssh2_userauth_password return a negative value when...
2010-06-02 Sofian Brabezupdate x11 forwarding example since x11_req function...
2010-06-02 Sofian Brabezuse libssh2_channel_x11_req_ex function instead of
2010-05-20 Sofian Brabezupdate support links
2010-05-07 Sofian Brabezchange also in
2010-05-07 Sofian Brabezchange header project to full LGPL licence
2010-05-04 Sofian Brabezupdate debian source with good url
2010-05-04 Sofian BrabezInitial release 1.0.0