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2019-02-28 Sofian BrabezAdd linter script master
2019-02-28 Sofian BrabezFix golangci-lint linter report
2018-07-31 Sofian BrabezFix SSL Validations by providing ca-certificates package
2018-07-27 Sofian BrabezUpdate README with recent changes
2018-07-26 Sofian BrabezMore idiomatic use of building urls using url.URL
2018-07-26 Sofian BrabezAdd Makefile
2018-07-25 Sofian BrabezAdd tests
2018-07-23 Sofian BrabezUpdate the strategy to check cluster status
2018-05-24 Sofian BrabezMake sure we're building a Linux binary
2018-05-24 Sofian BrabezAdd README, Dockerfile and build script
2018-05-24 Sofian BrabezInitial commit